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Published Papers 2018

77 papers published in 2018


1) Md. Monarul Islam, Chuan‐Zeng Wang, Xing Feng, Shofiur Rahman, Paris E. Georghiou, Abdullah Alodhayb and Takehiko Yamato, "Synthesis, Structures and DFT Computational Studies of [3.1.1] Metacyclophanes Containing Benzofuran Rings", ChemistrySelect, ChemPubSoc Europe, Volume3, Issue48, December 28, 2018, Pages 13542-13547, Impact Factor: 1.716, Q3,

2) M. Faisal, Adel A. Ismail, Farid A. Harraz, S. A. Al-Sayari, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, A. E. Al-Salami and M. S. Al-Assiri, “Fabrication of highly efficient TiO2/C3Nvisible light driven photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic activity”, Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1173, 5 December 2018, Pages 428-438, Impact Factor: 2.011, Q3, DOI:

3) Maqusood AhamedMohd Javed AkhtarM. A. Majeed Khan and Hisham A.Alhadlaq, “Oxidative stress mediated cytotoxicity of tin (IV) oxide (SnO2) nanoparticles in human breast cancer (MCF-7) cells”, Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces, Volume: 172, 1 December 2018, Pages: 152-160, Impact Factor: 3.997, Q2, DOI:

4) Yujie Yang, Juxiang Shao, Fanhou Wang, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Syed Farooq Adil, Bilal Hamid Bhat, Basharat Ahmad Want, "A study on structural, spectral, and magnetic properties of Pr–Bi co-doped M-type barium–strontium hexaferrites via the solid-state reaction method", Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing, December 2018, 124:854, Impact Factor: 1.784, Q3, DOI;

5) Anil B. Mugutkar, Shyam K. Gore, Rajaram S. Mane, Khalid M. Batoo, Syed F. Adil and Santosh S. Jadhav, “Magneto-structural behaviour of Gd doped nanocrystalline Co-Zn ferrites governed by domain wall movement and spin rotations”, Ceramics International, Volume: 44, Issue: 17, 1 December 2018, Pages: 21675-21683, Impact Factor: 3.057, Q1, DOI:

6) Mohd Javed AkhtarMaqusood Ahamed and Hisham A. Alhadlaq, "Challenges facing nanotoxicology and nanomedicine due to cellular diversity", Clinica Chimica Acta, Volume 487, December 2018, Pages 186-196, Impact Factor: 2.735, Q2,

7) Arun Kumar ShuklaJaved Alam, Mohammad Azam Ansari, Mansour Alhoshan and Fekri Abdulraqeb Ahmed Ali, "Antimicrobial and antifouling properties of versatile PPSU/carboxylated GO nanocomposite membrane against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and protein" ,Environmental Science and Pollution Research, December 2018, Volume 25, Issue 34,  pp 34103–34113,  Impact Factor: 2.914, Q2, DOI:

8) Aws Alshamsan, "STAT3-siRNA induced B16.F10 melanoma cell death: more association with VEGF downregulation than p-STAT3 knockdown", Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 26, Issue 8, December 2018, Pages 1083-1088, Impact Factor: 3.643, Q1,

9) M. A. Majeed Khan, Sushil Kumar, Abdulaziz N. Alhazaa, and M. A. Al-Gawati, “Modifications in structural, morphological, optical and photocatalytic properties of ZnO:Mn nanoparticles by sol-gel protocol”, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Volume 87, 15 November 2018, Pages 134-141, Impact Factor: 2.593, Q2, DOI:

10) Syed Mansoor Ali, M. S. AlGarawi, S. S. Al-Ghamdi, Muhammad Hammad Aziz, Turki S. Alkhuraiji, and Muhammad Ali Shar, "Gamma Induced Structural and Optical Changes of TiO2 Thin Film Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition", Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics, Volume 13, Number 11, November 2018, pp. 1701-1704(4), Impact Factor: 0.989, Q4, DOI:

11) Javed AlamArun Kumar ShuklaMansour AlhoshanLawrence Arockiasamy DassMuthu Ramamoorthy MuthumareeswaranAslam Khan and Fekri Abdulraqeb Ahmed Ali, “Graphene oxide, an effective nanoadditive for a development of hollow fiber nanocomposite membrane with antifouling properties”, Advances in polymer technology, First published: 15 January 2018, Impact Factor: 2.073, Q2, DOI:

12) Osama Saber, Abdullah Aljaafari, Sarah Asiri and Khalid M. Batoo, "Designing Magnetic Layered Double Hydroxides and Two-Dimensional Magnetic Nano-Nets of Cobalt Ferrite through a Novel Approach", Applied Sciences-Basel, 1 November 2018, 8(11), 2099, Impact Factor: 2.217, Q2,

13) Mohamad S. AlSalhi, Sandhanasamy Devanesan, Khalid E. AlZahrani, Mashael AlShebly, Fatima Al-Qahtani, Karim Farhat and Vadivel Masilamani, "Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Human Erythrocytes: Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectral Investigations", International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 26 October 2018, 15(11), 2368, Impact Factor: 2.468, Q2,

14) A. Baykal, S. Guner, H. Gungunes, K. M. Batoo, Md. Amir and A. Manikandan, “Magneto Optical Properties and Hyperfine Interactions of Cr3+ Ion Substituted Copper Ferrite Nanoparticles”, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, November 2018, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp 2533–2544, Impact Factor: 1.754, Q2, DOI:

15) Anjana Sharma, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Emad H. Raslan, Syed Farooq Adil and Gagan Kumar, “Structural and magnetic study of Mn0.5Zn0.5CuxFe2-xO4 nanoferrites synthesized via solution combustion method”, Vacuum, Volume 157, November 2018, Pages 422-427, Impact Factor: 2.067, Q2, DOI:

16) Anita Manhas, Khalid M. Batoo and M. Singh, “Magnetic and Mössbauer investigations of soft Co2Z-type hexa nanoferrites”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 767, 30 October 2018, Pages 188-194, Impact Factor: 3.779, Q1,  DOI:

17) Mohammed Almoiqli, Ali Aldalbahi, Mostafizur Rahaman, Periyasami Govindasami and Shaykha Alzahly, "Influence of Biopolymer Carrageenan and Glycerine on the Properties of Extrusion Printed Inks of Carbon Nanotubes", Polymers, 15 October 2018, 10(10), 1148, Impact Factor: 3.164, Q1,

18) Paris E. Georghiou, Shofiur RahmanAbdullah Alodhayb, Hidetaka Nishimura, Jaehyun Lee, Atsushi Wakamiya and Lawrence T. Scott, “Calixazulenes: azulene-based calixarene analogues – an overview and recent supramolecular complexation studies”, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, Published: SEP 25 2018, Volume: 14, Pages: 2488-2494, Impact Factor: 2.33, Q2, DOI:

19) Anees A. AnsariJoselito P. Labis and M. Aslam Manthrammel, “Synthesis, structural, and photoluminescence studies of LaF3:Pr, LaF3:Pr@LaF3, and LaF3:Pr@LaF3@SiO2 nanophosphors”, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, September 2018, Volume 54, Issue 3,  pp 493–500, Impact Factor: 0.587, Q4, DOI:

20) Rizwan Wahab, Naushad Ahmad, Manawwer Alam and Anees A. Ansari, “Nanocubic magnesium oxide: Towards hydrazine sensing”, Vacuum, Volume 155, September 2018, Pages 682-688, Impact Factor: 2.067, Q2, DOI:

21) Rayan Khalid, Abdulaziz N. Alhazaa and M. A. Majeed Khan, “Synthesis, characterization and properties of Mn-doped ZnO nanoparticles”, Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing, August 2018, Volume: 124, Issue: 8, Article Number: 536, Impact Factor: 1.604, Q3, DOI:

22) Yujie Yang, Fanhou Wang, Juxiang Shao, Khalid Mujasam Batoo and Duohui Huang, “The tunable magnetic properties and microstructures of Co–Ni double-substituted M-type Casrla hexaferrites”, Chinese Journal of Physics, Volume 56, Issue 4, August 2018, Pages 1789-1798, Impact Factor: 1.051, Q3, DOI:

23) Jamal M. Khaled, Fahd A. Al-Mekhlafi, Ramzi A. Mothana, Naiyf S. Alharbi, Khalid E. Alzaharni, Anwar H. Sharafaddin, Shine Kadaikunnan, Ahmed S. Alobaidi, Noofal I. Bayaqoob, Marimuthu Govindarajan and Giovanni Benelli, “Brevibacillus laterosporus isolated from the digestive tract of honeybees has high antimicrobial activity and promotes growth and productivity of honeybee’s colonies”, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, April 2018, Volume 25, Issue 11,  pp 10447–10455, Impact Factor: 2.8, Q2, DOI:

24) Ahmed Al-Fatesh, Sunit Kumar Singh, G.S. Kanade, Hanan Atia, Anis H. Fakeeha, Ahmed A. Ibrahim, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni and Nitin K. Labhasetwar, “Rh promoted and ZrO2/Al2O3 supported Ni/Co based catalysts: High activity for CO2 reforming, steam–CO2 reforming and oxy–CO2 reforming of CH4”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 43, Issue 27, 5 July 2018, Pages 12069-12080, Impact Factor: 4.229, Q2, DOI:

25) Yanling Yang, Peiyuan Wang, Lingfei Lu, Yong Fan, Caixia Sun, Lingling Fan, Congjian Xu, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, Mansour Alhoshan, and Fan Zhang,” Small-Molecule Lanthanide Complexes Probe for Second Near-Infrared Window Bioimaging”, Analytical Chemistry, 5 June 2018, 90 (13), pp 7946–7952, Impact Factor: 6.042, Q1, DOI:

26) S. Asiri, Md. Amir, S. Güner, H. Gungunes, K. M. Batoo, M. Sertkol, A. Imran and A. Baykal, “Structural, Optical and Mössbauer Study of Ba1 − xCuxFe12O19 (0.5 ≤ x) Nano Hexaferrites”, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, July 2018, Volume 28, Issue 4,  pp 1446–1456, Impact Factor: 1.754, Q2, DOI:

27) M. Naziruddin Khan, Ali Aldalbahi and Abdullah Almohammedi, “Investigation of Different Colloidal Porous Silicon Solutions and Their Composite Solid Matrix Rods by Optical Techniques”, Journal of Electronic Materials, July 2018, Volume 47, Issue 7,  pp 3596–3607, Impact Factor: 1.566, Q3, DOI:

28) Ahmed S. Al-Fatesh, Ahmed A. Ibrahim, Jehad K. Abu-Dahrieh, Abdulrahman S. Al-Awadi, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, Anis H. Fakeeha and Ahmed E. Abasaeed, “Gallium-Promoted Ni Catalyst Supported on MCM-41 for Dry Reforming of Methane”, Catalysts, Published: June 2018, Volume: 8, Issue: 6, Article Number: 229, Impact Factor: 3.465, Q2, DOI:

29) Mostafizur Rahaman, Ali Aldalbahi, Mohammed Almoiqli and Shaykha Alzahly, “Chemical and Electrochemical Synthesis of Polypyrrole Using Carrageenan as a Dopant: Polypyrrole/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites”, Polymers, June 2018, Volume: 10, Issue: 6, Article Number: 632, Impact Factor: 2.935, Q1, DOI:

30) S. Kotresh, Y. T. Ravikiran, S. C. Vijaya Kumari, CH. V. V. Ramana, A. S. Anu and K. M. Batoo, “Optimised polyaniline–cadmium ferrite nanocomposite: synthesis, characterisation and alternating current response”, Polymer Bulletin, June 2018, Volume: 75, Issue: 6, pp: 2475–2490, Impact Factor: 1.589, Q3, DOI:

31) M. A. Majeed Khan, Wasi Khan, Avshish Kumar and Abdulaziz N. Alhazaa, “Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition growth and physical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes”, Materials Letters, Volume 219, 15 May 2018, Pages 269-272, Impact Factor: 2.687, Q2, DOI: 10.1016/j.matlet.2018.02.096.

32) Shilpi Jindal, Sheela Devi, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Gagan Kumar and Ajay Vasishth, “Impact of copper substitution on the structural, ferroelectric and magnetic properties of tungsten bronze ceramics”, Physica B-Condensed Matter, Volume 537, 15 May 2018, Pages 87-92, Impact Factor: 1.453, Q3, DOI:

33) Lidan Hu, Peiyuan Wang, Mengyao Zhao, Lu Liu, Lei Zhou, Benhao Li, Fahad H. Albaqami, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, Xiaomin Li, Yang Xie and Xiaofei Sun Fan Zhang, “Near-infrared rechargeable “optical battery” implant for irradiation-free photodynamic therapy”, Biomaterials, Volume 163, May 2018, Pages 154-162, Impact Factor: 8.806, Q1, DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2018.02.029.

34) J Ahmad, MA Siddiqui, MJ AkhtarHA AlhadlaqA Alshamsan, ST Khan, R Wahab, AA Al-Khedhairy, A Al-Salim, J Musarrat, Q Saquib, M Fareed and M Ahamed, “Copper doping enhanced the oxidative stress–mediated cytotoxicity of TiO2 nanoparticles in A549 cells”, Human & Experimental Toxicology, Volume: 37, issue: 5, page(s): 496-507, Issue published: May 1, 2018, Impact Factor: 1.84, Q3, DOI:

35) Manal El-khadragy, Ebtesam M. Alolayan, Dina M. Metwally, Mohamed F. Serag El-Din, Sara S. Alobud, Nour I. Alsultan, Sarah S. Alsaif, Manal A. Awad and Ahmed E. Abdel Moneim, “Clinical Efficacy Associated with Enhanced Antioxidant Enzyme Activities of Silver Nanoparticles Biosynthesized Using Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract, Against Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in a Murine Model of Leishmania major”, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Published: May 2018, Volume: 15, Issue: 5, Article Number: 1037, Impact Factor: 2.145, Q2, DOI:

36) Anas M. Atieh, Nathir A. Rawashdeh and Abdulaziz N. AlHazaa, “Evaluation of Surface Roughness by Image Processing of a Shot-Peened, TIG-Welded Aluminum 6061-T6 Alloy: An Experimental Case Study”, Materials, Published: May 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 5, Article Number: 771, Impact Factor: 2.467, Q2, DOI:

37) Naushad Ahmad, Anees A. AnsariJoselito P. Labis and Manawwer Alam, “Impact of Ni Ion-Doping on Structural, Optoelectronic and Redox Properties of CeO2 Nanoparticles”, Journal of Electronic Materials, May 2018, Volume 47, Issue 5,  pp 2557–2564, Impact Factor: 1.566, Q3, DOI: 10.1007/s11664-018-6088-x.

38) M. A. Majeed Khan, Sushil Kumar, Tansir Ahamad and Abdulaziz N. Alhazaa, “Enhancement of photocatalytic and electrochemical properties of hydrothermally synthesized WO3 nanoparticles via Ag loading”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 743, 30 April 2018, Pages 485-493, Impact Factor: 3.779, Q1, DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2018.01.343.

39) M. Faisal, Farid A. Harraz, Adel A. Ismail, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, S. A. Al-Sayari, A. Al-Hajry and M. S. Al-Assiri, “Novel mesoporous NiO/TiO2 nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light illumination”, Ceramics International, Volume 44, Issue 6, 15 April 2018, Pages 7047-7056, Impact Factor: 3.057, Q1, DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2018.01.140.

40) S. Asiri, M. Sertkol, S. Guner, H. Gungunes, K. M. Batoo, T. A. Saleh, H. Sozeri, M. A. Almessiere, A. Manikandan and A. Baykal, “Hydrothermal synthesis of CoyZnyMn1-2yFe2O4 nanoferrites: Magneto-optical investigation”, Ceramics International, Volume 44, Issue 5, 1 April 2018, Pages 5751-5759, Impact Factor: 3.057, Q1, DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.12.233.

41) S. Asiri, S. Güner, A. D. Korkmaz, Md. Amir, K. M. Batoo, M. A. Almessiere, H. Gungunes, H. Sözeri and A. Baykal, “Magneto-optical properties of BaCryFe12−yO19 (0.0 ≤ y ≤ 1.0) hexaferrites”, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 451, 1 April 2018, Pages 463-472 , Impact Factor: 3.046, Q2, DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2017.11.100.

42) Anees A. Ansari, “Facile Synthesis Method for the Preparation of Large‐scale Ultra‐small GdPO4:Tb and GdPO4:Tb@LaPO4 Nanowires”, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, Volume: 65, Issue: 4, April 2018, Pages: 490-496, Impact Factor: 1.188, Q3, DOI:

43) Ayoub Abdullah Alqadami, Moonis Ali Khan, Marta Otero, Masoom Raza Siddiqui, Byong-Hun Jeon and Khalid Mujasam Batoo, “A magnetic nanocomposite produced from camel bones for an efficient adsorption of toxic metals from water”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 178, 20 March 2018, Pages 293-304, Impact Factor: 5.651, Q1, DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.01.023.

44) Arun Kumar ShuklaJaved AlamMansour AlhoshanLawrence Arockiasamy Dass, Fekri Abdulraqeb Ahmed Ali, Muthumareeswaran M. R, Umesh Mishrac  and   Mohammad Azam Ansari, “Removal of heavy metal ions using a carboxylated graphene oxide-incorporated polyphenylsulfone nanofiltration membrane”, Environmental Science-Water Research & Technology, Volume: 4, Issue: 3, Pages: 438-448, Published:  Mar. 2018, Impact Factor: 3.649, Q1, DOI: 10.1039/C7EW00506G.

45) Naushad Ahmad, Manawwer Alam, Mu. Naushad, Anees A. Ansari, Basel F. Alrayes and Mshari A. Alotaibe, “Thermal Decomposition And Kinetic Studies of Tannic Acid Using Model Free-Methods”, Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society, Volume: 63, Issue: 1, Pages: 3824-3828, Published: MAR 2018, Impact Factor: 0.463, Q4, DOI:

46) Anees A. AnsariAli AldalbahiJoselito P. LabisAhmed Mohamed El-ToniMaqusood Ahamed and M. Aslam Manthrammel, “Highly biocompatible, monodispersed and mesoporous La(OH)3:Eu@mSiO2 core-shell nanospheres: Synthesis and luminescent properties”, Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces, Volume 163, 1 March 2018, Pages 133-139, Impact Factor: 3.997, Q2, DOI:

47) Yujie Yang, Fanhou Wang, Juxiang Shao, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Khalid Mehmood Ur Rehman and Duohui Huang, “Microstructure and magnetic characterization of the Sm-CoMn co-substituted SrCaM hexagonal ferrites”, Chinese Journal of Physics, Volume 56, Issue 1, February 2018, Pages 108-116, Impact Factor: 1.051 ,Q3, DOI: 10.1016/j.cjph.2017.11.017.

48) Anees A. Ansari, “Effect of Surface Functionalization on Structural and Optical Properties of Luminescent LaF3:Sm Nanoparticles”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Volume 18, Number 2, 1 February 2018, pp. 1043-1050(8), Impact Factor: 1.354, Q4, DOI:

49) Raja Mohan, J. Subha, and Javed Alam, “Influence of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes on Biodegradable Poly(lactic acid) Nanocomposites for Electroactive Shape Memory Actuator”, Advances in polymer technology, Volume37, Issue1, February 2018, Pages 256-261, Impact Factor: 2.073, Q2, DOI: 10.1002/adv.21664.

50) Anees A. Ansari, “Silica‐modified luminescent LaPO4:Eu@LaPO4@SiO2 core/shell nanorods: Synthesis, structural and luminescent properties”, Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence, Volume33, Issue1, February 2018, Pages 112-118, Impact Factor: 1.671, Q4, DOI: 10.1002/bio.3379.

51) Surbhi Verma, Saruchi Rani, Sushil Kumar, and M. A. Majeed Khan, “Rietveld refinement, micro-structural, optical and thermal parameters of zirconium titanate composites”, Ceramics International, Volume 44, Issue 2, 1 February 2018, Pages 1653-1661, Impact Factor: 3.057, Q1, DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.10.090.

52) Covadonga Correas, Kourtney Wright, Enrico Andreoli, Zeyad Almutairi, Bjornar Sandnes and Andrew R. Barron, “Hydration induced morphological change on proppant surfaces employing a calcium-silicate cement system”, Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Volume 537, 20 January 2018, Pages 197-209, Impact Factor: 2.829, Q2, DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2017.10.006.

53) M. Faisal, Farid A. Harraz, Adel A. Ismail, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, S.A. Al-Sayari, A. Al-Hajry and M.S. Al-Assiri, “Polythiophene/mesoporous SrTiO3 nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light”, Separation and Purification Technology, Volume 190, 8 January 2018, Pages 33-44, Impact Factor: 3.927, Q1, DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2017.08.037.

54) Nasser A. Al-Shabib, Fohad Mabood Husain, Naushad Ahmad, Faizan Abul Qais, Aslam Khan, Altaf Khan, Mohammad Shavez Khan, Javed Masood Khan, Syed Ali Shahzad, and Iqbal Ahmad, "Facile Synthesis of Tin Oxide Hollow Nanoflowers Interfering with Quorum Sensing-Regulated Functions and Bacterial Biofilms", Journal of Nanomaterials, Volume 2018, Article ID 6845026, 11 pages, Published 6 December 2018, Impact Factor: 2.233, Q3,

55) Saad M. Alshehri, Jahangeer Ahmed, Aslam Khan, Mu Naushad and Tansir Ahamad, “Bifunctional Electrocatalysts (Co9S8@NSC) Derived from a Polymer‐metal Complex for the Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution Reactions”, ChemElectroChem, Volume 5, Issue 2, January 12, 2018, Pages 355-361, Impact Factor: 4.446, Q1, DOI: 10.1002/celc.201700955.

56) Aslam KhanAhmed Mohamed El-ToniJaved Alam and Ali Aldalbahi, Mukhtar Ahmed, Joselito Puzon Labis, Tansir Ahamad, and Mahmoud Hezam, “Semibath Polymerization Approach for One-Pot Synthesis of Temperature- and Glucose-Responsive Core-Shell Nanogel Particles”, Journal of Nanomaterials, Volume 2018 (8 February 2018), Article ID: 2180518, 9 pages, Impact Factor: 2.207, Q3, DOI: 10.1155/2018/2180518.

57) Mohd Javed AkhtarMaqusood AhamedHisham A. Alhadlaq, Salman A. Alrokayan, "MgO nanoparticles cytotoxicity caused primarily by GSH depletion in human lung epithelial cells", Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, Volume 50, December 2018, Pages 283-290, Impact Factor: 2.895, Q3,

58) Anees Ahmad Ansari, “Physiochemical and Optical Properties of GdF3:Pr@LaF3@SiO2 Microspheres”, Materials Research-Ibero-American Journal of Materials, Volume: 21, Issue: 3, Article Number: UNSP e20171015, Epub: April 12, 2018, Impact Factor: 1.103, Q4, DOI:

59) Aslam Khan, Tajdar Husain Khan, Maqusood AhamedAhmed Mohamed El-ToniAli AldalbahiJaved Alam and Tansir Ahamad, “Temperature-Responsive Polymer Microgel-Gold Nanorods Composite Particles: Physicochemical Characterization and Cytocompatibility”, Polymers, Volume: 10, Issue: 1, Article Number: 99, Published: 20 January 2018, Impact Factor: 2.935, Q1, doi: 10.3390/polym10010099.

60) Rawabi M. Al Mohaimeed, Anees A. Ansari, and Abdullah Aldwayyan, “The Role of Solvent Environment on the Optical Behavior of Chemically Synthesized Silicon Nanoparticles”, Journal of Spectroscopy, Published 10 April 2018, Volume: 2018, Article ID: 6870645, 9 pages, Impact Factor: 1.391, Q4, DOI:

61) Ansari Anees A.Labis Joselito P. and Manthrammel Mohamed Aslam, “Comparative structural and optical spectroscopic studies of Nd3+ ion doped LaF3 and their core/shell nanoparticles”, Processing and Application of Ceramics, 2018, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages: 78-85, Impact Factor: 1.152, Q2, DOI:

62) Anees A. Ansari and M. A. Majeed Khan, “Structural and spectroscopic studies of LaPO4:Ce/Tb@LaPO4@SiO2 nanorods: Synthesis and role of surface coating”, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Volume 94, January 2018, Pages 43-48, Impact Factor: 1.363, Q3, DOI:

63) Fadilah Sfouq Aleanizy, Fulwah Yahya Alqahtani, Gamal Shazly, Rihaf Alfaraj, Ibrahim Alsarra, Aws Alshamsan and Hosam Gareeb Abdulhady, “Measurement and evaluation of the effects of pH gradients on the antimicrobial and antivirulence activities of chitosan nanoparticles in Pseudomonas aeruginosa”, Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 79-83, Impact Factor: 3.11, Q2, DOI: 10.1016/j.jsps.2017.10.009.

64) Khalid E. Alzahrani, Abdurahman A. Niazy, Abdullah M. Alswieleh, Rizwan Wahab, Ahmed M. El-Toni, and Hamdan S. Alghamdi, ”Antibacterial activity of trimetal (CuZnFe) oxide nanoparticles”, International Journal of Nanomedicine, Dovepress, Published: 20 December 2017, Volume 2018:13, Pages 77—87, Impact Factor: 4.37, Q1, DOI: 10.2147/IJN.S154218.

65) Fahad Saad Alghamdi, M. Shahabuddin, Nasser S. Alzayed, Niyaz Ahamad Madhar, Jafar M. Parakkandy, M. A. Majeed KhanAslam Khan and Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, “Mechanism of Enhanced Carbon Substitution in CNT-MgB2 Superconductor Composite Using Ball Milling in a Methanol Medium: Positive Role of Boron Oxide”, Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, April 2018, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 1119–1126, Impact Factor: 1.142, Q4, DOI:

66) Abdulaziz Nasser AlHazaaMuhammad Ali Shar, Anas Mahmoud Atieh and Hiroshi Nishikawa, “Transient Liquid Phase Bonding of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 Using Cu Coatings and Cu Coatings with Sn Interlayers”, Metals, Published: 16 January 2018, Volume: 8, issue: 1, 60, Impact Factor: 1.704, Q2, DOI:

67) Shams Tabrez Khan, Javed AhmadMaqusood Ahamed and Alexandre Jousset, “Sub-lethal doses of widespread nanoparticles promote antifungal activity in Pseudomonas protegens CHA0”, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 627, 15 June 2018, Pages 658-662, Impact Factor: 4.61, Q1, DOI:

68) Faisal S. Al mashary, Suelen de Castro, Arlon Fernando da Silva, Jorlandio Francisco Felix, Marcelo Rizzo Piton, Helder Vinícius Avanço Galeti, Ariano De Giovanni Rodrigues, Yara Galvão Gobato, Noor Al Saqri, Mohamed Henini, Maryam M. Al huwayz, Abdulrahman M. Albadri, Ahmed Y. Alyamani, Hamad A. Albrithen, Sami A. Alhusaini, Khalid M. Aljaber, Ali Z. Alanazi and Fahad S. Alghamdi, "Effect of growth techniques on the structural, optical and electrical properties of indium doped TiO2 thin films", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 766, 25 October 2018, Pages 194-203, Impact Factor: 4.175, Q1,

69) Andreas Krönlein, Martin Schmitt, Markus Hoffmann, Jeannette Kemmer, Nicolai Seubert, Matthias Vogt, Julia Küspert, Markus Böhme, Bandar Alonazi, Jens Kügel, Hamad A. Albrithen, Matthias Bode, Gustav Bihlmayer and Stefan Blügel, "Magnetic Ground State Stabilized by Three-Site Interactions: Fe/Rh(111)", Physical Review Letters, Volume: 120, Issue: 20, Article Number: 207202, Published: MAY 14 2018, Impact Factor: 9.227, Q1,

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