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57 papers published in 2015


1. Chen Cheng, Xianjun Tan, Deli Lu, Lingzhi Wang, Tapas Sen, Juying Lei, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, Jinlong Zhang, Fan Zhang and Dongyuan Zhao, "Carbon-Dot-Sensitized, Nitrogen-Doped TiO2 in Mesoporous Silica for Water Decontamination through Nonhydrophobic Enrichment–Degradation Mode", Chemistry-A European Journal, Volume 21, Issue 49, December 1, 2015, Pages 17944–17950, Impact Factor: 5.731, DOI: 10.1002/chem.201502301.

2. Shahanavaj Khan, Anees A. Ansari, Abdul Arif Khan, Rehan Ahmad, Omar Al-Obaid and Wael Al-Kattan, "In vitro evaluation of anticancer and antibacterial activities of cobalt oxide nanoparticles", JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, pp 1-8, First online: 12 November 2015, Impact Factor: 2.538, doi:10.1007/s00775-015-1310-2.

3. Joselito P. LabisMahmoud Hezam, Anwar Al-Anazi, Hamad Al-BrithenAnees A. AnsariAhmed Mohamed El-Toni, Ronaldo Enriquez, Gwénolé Jacopin and Mansour Al-Hoshan, "Pulsed laser deposition growth of 3D ZnO nanowall network in nest-like structures by two-step approach", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 143, December 2015, Pages 539–545, doi:10.1016/j.solmat.2015.07.045, Impact Factor: 5.337.

4. Manal A. Awad, Awatif A. Hendi, Khalid M. O. Ortashi, Rabab A. El Dib, "Crystal powder silver nanoparticles green synthesized, characterization, antibacterial and cytotoxicity effects", Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials-Rapid Communications, Vol. 9, No. 11-12, Nov. - Dec. 2015, p. 1520 - 1526, Impact Factor: 0.412,

5. Mohd Javed AkhtarHisham A. Alhadlaq, Sudhir Kumar, Salman A. Alrokayan and Maqusood Ahamed, "Selective cancer-killing ability of metal-based nanoparticles: implications for cancer therapy", Archives of Toxicology, November 2015, Volume 89, Issue 11, pp 1895–1907, Impact Factor: 5.980, DOI: 10.1007/s00204-015-1570-1.

6. S.S.P. Sultana, D.H.V. Kishore, Mufsir Kuniyil, Mujeeb Khan, Abdulrahman Alwarthan, K.R.S. Prasad, Joselito P. Labis and S.F. Adil, "Ceria doped mixed metal oxide nanoparticles as oxidation catalysts: Synthesis and their characterization", Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Volume 8, Issue 6, November 2015, Pages 766–770, Impact Factor: 3.725, doi: 10.1016/j.arabjc.2015.05.008.

7. Manal A Awad, Khalid MO Ortashi, Awatif A Hendi, Nada E Eisa and Fatimah Al-Abbas, "Novel Green Synthesis and Characterization of Nanopolymer Porous Gold Oxide Nanoparticles", Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Vol 14, No 10 (2015), 1763–68, Revised accepted: 30 August 2015, doi: 10.4314/tjpr.v14i10, Impact Factor: 0.589.

8. Farzana Aktar Chowdhury, Mohammad Abul Hossain, Koji Uchida, Takahiro Tamura, Kosuke Sugawa, Tomoaki Mochida, Joe Otsuki, Tariq Mohiuddin, Monny Akter Boby and Mohammad Sahabul Alam, "Graphene oxide/carbon nanoparticle thin film based IR detector: Surface properties and device characterization", AIP Advances 5, no. 10, (October 1, 2015): 107228, Impact Factor: 1.524, doi:10.1063/1.4935042.

9. Anees A. AnsariJ. Labis, Manawwer Alam, Shahid M. Ramay, Naushad Ahmad and Asif Mahmood, "Physicochemical and Redox Characteristics of Fe Ion-doped CeO2 Nanoparticles", Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, Volume 62, Issue 10, pages 925–932, October 2015, Impact Factor: 0.648, doi:10.1002/jccs.201500195.

10. Hisham A. AlhadlaqMohd Javed Akhtar and Maqusood Ahamed, "Zinc ferrite nanoparticle-induced cytotoxicity and oxidative stress in different human cells", Cell and Bioscience, 2015, 5:55, Published: 17 September 2015, Impact Factor: 3.630, DOI: 10.1186/s13578-015-0046-6.

11. Gagan Kumar, Jyoti Shah, R.K. Kotnala, Virender Pratap Singh, Meenakshi Dhiman, Sagar E. Shirsath, M. Shahbuddin, Khalid M. Batoo, M. Singh, "Mössbauer spectroscopic analysis and temperature dependent electrical study of Mg0.9Mn0.1GdyFe2−yO4 nanoferrites", Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 390, 15 September 2015, Pages 50–55, Impact Factor: 1.970, doi:10.1016/j.jmmm.2015.04.096.

12. Mohd Javed AkhtarHisham A. AlhadlaqAws AlshamsanM.A. Majeed Khan and Maqusood Ahamed, "Aluminum doping tunes band gap energy level as well as oxidative stress-mediated cytotoxicity of ZnO nanoparticles in MCF-7 cells", Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 13876, (2015), Published online: 08 September 2015, Impact Factor: 5.578, DOI: 10.1038/srep13876.

13. Javed AlamAslam Khan, Manawwer Alam and Raja Mohan, "Electroactive Shape Memory Property of a Cu-decorated CNT Dispersed PLA/ESO Nanocomposite", Materials, 18 September 2015, 8(9), 6391-6400, Impact Factor: 2.651, doi:10.3390/ma8095313.

14Maqusood AhamedMohd Javed AkhtarHisham A. AlhadlaqM.A. Majeed Khan, Salman A. Alrokayan, "Comparative cytotoxic response of nickel ferrite nanoparticles in human liver HepG2 and breast MFC-7 cancer cells", Chemosphere, Volume 135, September 2015, Pages 278–288, Impact Factor: 3.340, doi:10.1016/j.chemosphere.2015.03.079.

15. Yupu Liu, Wei Li, Dengke Shen, Chun Wang, Xiaomin Li, Manas Pal, Renyuan Zhang, Lei Chen, Chi Yao, Yong Wei, Yuhui Li, Yujuan Zhao, Hongwei Zhu, Wenxing Wang, Ahmed Mohamed El−Toni, Fan Zhang, and Dongyuan Zhao, "Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica/Reduced Graphene Oxide Sandwich-Like Sheets with Enlarged and “Funneling” Mesochannels", Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27 (16), pp 5577–5586, Publication Date (Web): July 31, 2015, Impact Factor: 8.354, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b01812.

16. M. A. Majeed Khan, Sushil Kumar, Maqusood Ahamed, Salman A. Alrokayan, "Fe-doping induced tailoring in the microstructure and optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized via sol–gel route", Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics, August 2015, Volume 26, Issue 8, pp 6113-6118, Impact Factor: 1.569, DOI: 10.1007/s10854-015-3190-1.

17. Abdul Arif Khan, Zakir Khan, Abdul Malik, Abhinav Shrivastava, Sudhir K. Jain, Aws Alshamsan, "Computational prediction of Escherichia coli proteins host subcellular targeting and their implications in colorectal cancer etiology", Cancer Letters, Volume 364, Issue 1, 1 August 2015, Pages 25–32, Impact Factor: 5.621, doi:10.1016/j.canlet.2015.04.024.

18. Peter Feng, Eric Yiming Li, Muhammad Sajjad, Ali Aldalbahi and Jin Chu, "Boron Nitride Nanosheets and Their Electrical Tunneling Effect", Science of Advanced Materials, Volume 7, Number 7, July 2015, pp. 1326-1330(5), Impact Factor: 2.598, DOI:

19. Gaurav Vats, Manish Sharma, Rahul Vaish, Vishal Singh Chauhan, Niyaz Ahamad Madhar, Mohammed Shahabuddin, Jafar M. Parakkandy and Khalid Mujasam Batoo, "Application Oriented Selection of Optimal Sintering Temperature from User Perspective: A Study on K0.5Na0.5NbO3 Ceramics", Ferroelectrics, Volume 481, Issue 1, Pages 64-76, Published online: 01 Sep 2015, Impact Factor 0.469, doi: 10.1080/00150193.2015.1049501.

20. Khalid M. Abu-Salah, Mohammed M. Zourob, Fouzi Mouffouk, Salman A. Alrokayan, Manal A. Alaamery and Anees A. Ansari, "DNA-Based Nanobiosensors as an Emerging Platform for Detection of Disease", Sensors, 19 June 2015, 15(6), 14539-14568, Impact Factor: 2.245, doi:10.3390/s150614539.

21. Hugo Pereira, Luísa Custódio, Maria João Rodrigues, Carolina Bruno de Sousa, Marta Oliveira, Luísa Barreira, Nuno da Rosa Neng, José Manuel Florêncio Nogueira, Salman A. Alrokayan, Fouzi Mouffouk, Khalid M. Abu-Salah, Radhouan Ben-Hamadou and João Varela, "Biological Activities and Chemical Composition of Methanolic Extracts of Selected Autochthonous Microalgae Strains from the Red Sea", Marine Drugs 2015, 13(6), 3531-3549, Published: 3 June 2015, Impact Factor: 2.853, doi:10.3390/md13063531.

22. Sucheta Sharma, K.S. Daya, Sunil Sharma, Khalid M. Batoo, M. Singh, "Sol–gel auto combustion processed soft Z-type hexa nanoferrites for microwave antenna miniaturization", Ceramics International, Volume 41, Issue 5, Part B, June 2015, Pages 7109–7114, Impact Factor: 2.605, doi:10.1016/j.ceramint.2015.02.020.

23. Maqusood AhamedHisham A. Alhadlaq, Javed Ahmad, Maqsood A. Siddiqui, Shams T. Khan, Javed Musarrat and Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy, "Comparative cytotoxicity of dolomite nanoparticles in human larynx HEp2 and liver HepG2 cells", Journal of Applied Toxicology, Volume 35, Issue 6, pages 640–650, June 2015, Impact Factor: 2.982, DOI: 10.1002/jat.3097.

24. M. Abdullah Dar, Kowsar Majid, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, R.K. Kotnala, "Dielectric and impedance study of polycrystalline Li0.35−0.5XCd0.3NiXFe2.35−0.5XO4 ferrites synthesized via a citrate-gel auto combustion method", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 632, 25 May 2015, Pages 307–320, Impact Factor: 2.999, doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2015.01.190.

25. Xiaomin Li, Lei Zhou, Yong Wei, Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni, Fan Zhang, and Dongyuan Zhao, "Anisotropic Encapsulation-Induced Synthesis of Asymmetric Single-Hole Mesoporous Nanocages", Journal of the American Chemical Society, April 30, 2015, 137 (18), pp 5903–5906, Impact Factor: 12.113, DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b03207.

26. Javed Alam, Sung Hun Ryu, A. M. Shanmugharaj, "Influence of Hexamethylenediamine Functionalized Graphene Oxide on Structural Characteristics and Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites", Science of Advanced Materials, Volume 7, Number 5, May 2015, pp. 993-1001(9), Impact Factor: 2.598, DOI:

27. Mashail F.S. Alsayed, Alia A. Shoeib, Awatif A. Hindi, Manal A. Awad, Khalid M. O. Ortashi, "Synthesis of silver nanoparticles discourage the growth of isolated bacteria invading the blood stream", Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, Vol. 10, No. 2, April - June 2015, p. 385 – 392, Impact Factor: 0.945,

28. Oleg Olendski, "Comparative analysis of electric field influence on the quantum wells with different boundary conditions. I. Energy spectrum, quantum information entropy and polarization", Annalen der Physik, (Berlin), Volume 527, Issue 3-4, pages 278–295, April 2015, Impact Factor: 3.048, DOI: 10.1002/andp.201400228.

29. Oleg Olendski, "Comparative analysis of electric field influence on the quantum wells with different boundary conditions. II. Thermodynamic properties", Annalen der Physik, (Berlin), Volume 527, Issue 3-4, pages 296–310, April 2015, Impact Factor: 3.048, DOI: 10.1002/andp.201400229.

30. Daoud Ali, Huma Ali, Saud Alarifi, Sudhir Kumar, M. Serajuddin, Agha P. Mashih, Mukhtar Ahmed, Mujeeb Khan, Syed Farooq Adil, M. R. Shaik, Anees A. Ansari, "Impairment of DNA in a Freshwater Gastropod (Lymnea luteola L.) After Exposure to Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles", Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, April 2015, Volume 68, Issue 3, pp 543-552, Impact Factor: 1.895, DOI: 10.1007/s00244-015-0132-0.

31. S. Sasi Florence, M. Umadevi, Rita John and D. Lawrence Arockiasamy, "A facile synthesis of malic acid capped ZnSe transparent nanopellets and its optical properties", Materials Letters, Volume 144, 1 April 2015, Pages 110–113, Impact Factor: 2.489, doi:10.1016/j.matlet.2015.01.037.

32. Virender Pratap Singh, Gagan Kumar, R. K. Kotnala, Jyoti Shah, Sucheta Sharma, K. S. Daya, Khalid M. Batoo, M. Singh, "Remarkable magnetization with ultra-low loss BaGdxFe12−xO19 nanohexaferrites for applications up to C-band", Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 378, 15 March 2015, Pages 478–484, Impact Factor: 2.357, doi: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2014.11.071.

33. Gagan Kumar, Jyoti Shah, R.K. Kotnala, Virender Pratap Singh, Sarveena, Godawari Garg, Sagar E. Shirsath, Khalid M. Batoo, Mahavir Singh, "Superparamagnetic behaviour and evidence of weakening in super-exchange interactions with the substitution of Gd3+ ions in the Mg–Mn nanoferrite matrix", Materials Research Bulletin, Volume 63, March 2015, Pages 216–225, Impact Factor: 1.968, doi: 10.1016/j.materresbull.2014.12.009.

34. M. Shahabuddin Shah, Mohammad Shahabuddin, Jafar M. Parakkandy, Nasser S. Alzayed, Niyaz Ahmad Madhar and Khalid Mujasam Batoo, "Effects of High Pressure Using Cold Isostatic Press on the Physical Properties of Nano-SiC-Doped MgB2", Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, February 2015, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 481-485, Impact Factor: 0.930, DOI: 10.1007/s10948-014-2687-9.

35. Javed Ahmad, Hisham A. Alhadlaq, Maqsood A. Siddiqui, Quaiser Saquib, Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy, Javed Musarrat and Maqusood Ahamed, "Concentration-dependent induction of reactive oxygen species, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human liver cells after nickel nanoparticles exposure", Environmental Toxicology, Volume 30, Issue 2, pages 137–148, February 2015, Impact Factor: 2.868, DOI: 10.1002/tox.21879.

36. M. A. Majeed Khan, Sushil Kumar, Maqusood Ahamed, "Structural, electrical and optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon thin films deposited by pulsed laser ablation", Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Volume 30, February 2015, Pages 169–173, Impact Factor: 1.761, doi: 10.1016/j.mssp.2014.09.028.

37. Khalid Abu-Salah, Amin M. S. Abdul Majid, Abdalrahim F. A. Aisha, Salman Alrokayan, and Zhari Ismail, "Development of polymeric nanoparticles of Garcinia mangostana xanthones in eudragit RL100/RS100 for anti-colon cancer drug delivery", Journal of Nanomaterials, Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 701979, 12 pages, Accepted 5 October 2015, Impact Factor: 1.644,

38. Manal A. Awad, W. K. Mekhamer, Nada M. Merghani, Awatif A. Hendi, Khalid M. O. Ortashi, Fatimah Al-Abbas, and Nada E. Eisa, "Green Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity of Silver/Polystyrene Nanocomposite", Journal of Nanomaterials, Article ID 943821, Accepted 22 July 2015, Impact Factor 1.644, doi: Ref (19).

39. S. Sasi Florence, M. Umadevi, D. Lawrence Arockiasamy and Rita John, "Tailoring of Morphology and Optical Properties of Bishydrazone-Capped ZnSe Nanorods", Australian Journal of Chemistry 68(10) 1508-1512, Published: 21 April 2015, Impact Factor: 1.558, DOI:

40. Maqusood AhamedMohd Javed AkhtarHisham A Alhadlaq and Salman A Alrokayan, "Assessment of the lung toxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles: current status", Nanomedicine, Vol. 10, No. 15, Pages 2365-2377, August 2015, Impact Factor: 5.413, doi: 10.2217/nnm.15.72.

41. Maqsood A. Siddiqui, Quaiser Saquib, Maqusood Ahamed, Nida N. Farshori, Javed Ahmad, Rizwan Wahab, Shams T. Khan, Hisham A. Alhadlaq, Javed Musarrat, Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy, Aditya B. Pant, "Molybdenum nanoparticles-induced cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, G2/M arrest, and DNA damage in mouse skin fibroblast cells (L929)", Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, Volume 125, 1 January 2015, Pages 73–81, Impact Factor: 4.287, doi: 10.1016/j.colsurfb.2014.11.014.

42. Abdulhadi H. Al-Marri, Mujeeb Khan, Merajuddin Khan, Syed F. Adil, Abdulrahman Al-Warthan, Hamad Z. Alkhathlan, Wolfgang Tremel, Joselito P. Labis, Mohammed Rafiq H. Siddiqui and Muhammad N. Tahir, "Pulicaria glutinosa Extract: A Toolbox to Synthesize Highly Reduced Graphene Oxide-Silver Nanocomposites", International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 5 January 2015, 16(1), 1131-1142; Impact Factor: 2.862, doi:10.3390/ijms16011131.

43. Tahani R. Al-Biladi, A. S. Al-Dwayyan, M. Naziruddin Khan, Saif M. H. Qaid and Khalid Al Zahrani, "Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of PM 597 Dye-Silica Core-Shell Nanoparticles", Journal of Spectroscopy, Volume 2015, (2015), Article ID 901032, 7 pages, Impact Factor: 0.831,

44. Ibrahim A. Aljuffali, Mohd. Abul Kalam, Yasmin Sultana, Ahamad ImranAws Alshamsan, "Development and validation of stability-indicating high performance liquid chromatography method to analyze gatifloxacin in bulk drug and pharmaceutical preparations", Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 85–94, Impact Factor: 1.000, doi:10.1016/j.jsps.2014.06.005.

45. Fouzi Mouffouk, Teresa Simão, Daniel F. Dornelles, André D. Lopes, Pablo Sau, Jorge Martins, Khalid M. Abu-SalahSalman A. Alrokayan, Ana M. Rosa da Costa and Nuno R. dos Santos, "Self-assembled polymeric nanoparticles as new, smart contrast agents for cancer early detection using magnetic resonance imaging", International Journal of Nanomedicine, December 2014, Volume 2015:10, Pages 63—76, Impact Factor: 4.195, DOI:

46. Talal GhannamAhmed Mohamed El-Toni, "The effect of an external quantum electric field on the surface plasmons of a nano-system", Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, Volume 126, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 101–106, Impact Factor: 0.769, doi: 10.1016/j.ijleo.2014.08.137.

47. Anees A. Ansari, M. Alam, "Optical and structural studies of CaMoO4:Sm, CaMoO4:Sm@CaMoO4 and CaMoO4:Sm@CaMoO4@SiO2 core–shell nanoparticles", Journal of Luminescence, Volume 157, January 2015, Pages 257–263, Impact Factor: 2.367, doi: 10.1016/j.jlumin.2014.09.001.

48. Mohd Javed AkhtarMaqusood AhamedHisham A. AlhadlaqAws AlshamsanM.A. Majeed Khan, Salman A. Alrokayan, "Antioxidative and cytoprotective response elicited by molybdenum nanoparticles in human cells", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Volume 457, 1 November 2015, Pages 370–377, Impact Factor: 3.368, doi: 10.1016/j.jcis.2015.07.034.

49. Mohd Javed AkhtarMaqusood AhamedHisham A. AlhadlaqM.A. Majeed Khan, Salman A. Alrokayan, "Glutathione replenishing potential of CeO2 nanoparticles in human breast and fibrosarcoma cells", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Volume 453, 1 September 2015, Pages 21–27, Impact Factor: 3.368, doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2015.04.049.

50. Abdulaziz N. AlHazaa, El-Sayed M. Sherif and Hany S. Abdo, "Galvanic Corrosion in 3.5 wt. % NaCl Solutions of Magnesium alloy AZ31 Coupled with Ni after Different Bonding Periods of Time", International Journal of Electrochemical Science, Vol. 10, Issue 7 (July) 2015, PP:  5420 – 5433, Impact Factor: 1.5,

51. Nadia G. Haress, Ali A. El-Emam, Omar A. Al-Deeb, C. Yohannan Panicker, Abdulaziz A. Al-Saadi, Christian Van Alsenoy, Javeed Ahmad War, S. K. Srivastava, "Vibrational spectroscopic and molecular docking study of 2-Benzylsulfanyl-4-[(4-methylphenyl)-sulfanyl]-6-pentylpyrimidine-5-carbonitrile, a potential chemotherapeutic agent", Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Volume 137, 25 February 2015, Pages 569–580, Impact Factor: 2.129, doi: 10.1016/j.saa.2014.08.112.

52. Nadia G. Haress, Fatmah Al-Omary, Ali A. El-Emam, Y. Sheena Mary, C. Yohannan Panicker, Abdulaziz A. Al-Saadi, Javeed Ahmad War, Christian Van Alsenoy, "Spectroscopic investigation (FT-IR and FT-Raman), vibrational assignments, HOMO–LUMO analysis and molecular docking study of 2-(Adamantan-1-yl)-5-(4-nitrophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole", Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Volume 135, 25 January 2015, Pages 973–983, Impact Factor: 2.129, doi: 10.1016/j.saa.2014.07.077.


53. Sarveena, R. K. Kotnala, K. M. Batoo, Jagdish Chand, S. Verma and M. Singh., "Room temperature long range ferromagnetic ordering in Ni0.58Zn0.42Co0.10Cu0.10Fe1.8O4 nano magnetic system", AIP Conf. Proc., 1665, 050114, Jul 2015, Tamilnadu, India,

54. Mostafa Ghasemi, Elnaz Halakoo, Mehdi Sedighi, Javed Alam, Majid Sadeqzadeh, "Performance Comparison of Three Common Proton Exchange Membranes for Sustainable Bioenergy Production in Microbial Fuel Cell", Procedia CIRP, Volume 26, 2015, Pages 162–166, Available online 27 March 2015, 12th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing – Emerging Potentials, doi:10.1016/j.procir.2014.07.169.

55. Hamid M. Ghaithan, Saif M. Qaid, Mahmoud Hezam, Muhemmad B. Siddique, Idriss M. Bedja, Abdullah S. Aldwayyan, "Invoking the frequency dependence in square modulated light intensity techniques for the measurement of electron time constants in dye-sensitized solar cells", SPIE Proceedings, vol. 9556, 2015, 955604–955604 – 8, doi:10.1117/12.2185921.

56. Fatmah A. M. Al-Omary, Ali A. El-Emam, Hazem A., Ghabbour, C. S. Chidan Kumar, Ching Kheng Quahd and Hoong-Kun Fun, "Crystal structure of 3-[(4-benzylpiperazin-1-yl)methyl]-5-(thiophen-2-yl)-2,3-dihydro-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thione", Acta Crystallographica Section E-Crystallographic Communications 71, no. 3 (March 1, 2015): o175–76, Impact Factor: 0.347, Q4, doi:10.1107/S2056989015002273.

57. R. I. Al-Wabli, A. A. El-Emam, O. S. Alroqi, C. S. Chidan Kumar and H.-K. Fun, "Crystal structure of 3-(adamantan-1-yl)-4-(4-chloro­phen­yl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole-5(4H)-thione", Acta Crystallographica Section E-Crystallographic Communications 71, no. 2, Accepted: January 2015, o115–16, Impact Factor: 0.347, Q4, doi:10.1107/S2056989015000596.

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