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General Supervisor Message

King Saud University has remained an important tributary to the higher education sector and to the dissemination of knowledge and science in our Kingdom. During the past years, the university has made strong efforts to support qualified scientific cadres in both the public and private sectors, which contributed to the industrial, economic, cultural and social renaissance that have been witnessed in the country; being a continuation to the paramount scientific progress and an implementation of the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques - may God protect him - in this important technical sector in universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
King Saud University have transformed this vision into reality by creating King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology, which aims at developing the scientific research of nanotechnology and the industries based upon it. It also seeks to serve the knowledge economy by developing applications of nanotechnology and by creating products of economical value. One of main priorities of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology is the Advancement of national companies and institutions via a sustainable partnership that aims to encourage local industries, support it scientifically, and to develop it technically as to produce products of high economical values to support the national economy and to make it steadfast in the face of the sudden challenges and changes, and  to push our country to be among the developed countries. 
Since its creation, King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology have sought to build a strong knowledge and scientific base aimed at developing expertise and to take advantage of national energies, in cooperation with the academic and research entities in local, Arab and international regions. 
We ask God to give us strength and help to achieve our hopes and our aspirations, for the good of our country and humanity


Dr. Hamad Abdulaziz Albrithen

General Supervisor

King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology